St. Louis Medical Clinic excellence in healthcare since 1939.



Dr. Steven Jacobson MD FACP offers a Personalized Internal Medicine Practice focusing on Personalized Medical Care. Participation is limited to 500 patients. The practice setting allows personalized, detailed quality care in a quiet, comfortable setting. Extended appointment times are standard, allowing ample time to address all your concerns. Each member will be invited to come for an Extensive Physical Exam annually. The Physical exam provides an opportunity to review all your medical issues in a coordinated fashion and focus on prevention and optimizing your health.

By limiting the practice size, Dr. Jacobson is able to intimately know the details of your health. Patients can expect same day or next day office appointment routinely, even for minor illnesses. We treat our patients as honored and valued "family members". Dr. Jacobson is able to see patients on time for their appointments except when called away to care for rare medical emergencies.

Dr. Jacobson is part of St Louis Medical Clinic, a respected multi-specialty group founded in 1939. He sees patients in suite A-240 on campus at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. This is upstairs from the main St Louis Medical Clinic office in a smaller, more personalized setting. He keeps full access to St Louis Medical Clinic services including laboratory and radiology services as well as access to specialists.

He has hospital privileges at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

There is an annual fee that covers the enhanced physician access. Office visits, laboratory tests, X-rays etc, are billed to you and your insurance as usual.

Dr. Jacobson is available to you 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. After office hours, phone calls to the office are given the option to record a message for the next business day or be forwarded to his cell phone. He is available for inpatient rounds 7 days per week. In the event of illness or vacation, appropriate coverage by another St Louis Medical Clinic Physician will be available.

Dr. Jacobson is "in-network" with most plans. If you belong to a plan he does not participate in, please inform us so we may explore joining that plan. You will want to have health insurance to cover the cost of office visits, testing and treatment.

This practice is designed to provide top quality medical care in a personal convenient manner. We believe you will find the experience very rewarding.

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